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BOX-IT is?


Box-It’s mission is to provide the best storage service in Hong Kong. A major challenge of apartment living in Hong Kong is the lack of living space. Box-It can offer you unlimited storage capacity to help expand and unclutter your living space. Using our storage service, safe keeping of your beloved items, business document, or seasonal clothing becomes a breeze.

Box-It is easy to use. You can retrieve an item anytime, anywhere by using our web site or mobile app. Our professional moving team will deliver your storage box directly to you. Just sit back and relax to experience our innovative one-stop storage service.

Box-It is “your door to door storage service“; simple, reliable and always ready to help.



Our Features

24/7 Surveillance

Our storage facilities are under 24 hours CCTV monitoring. Our alarm system is connected to an independent third party security agency and the Hong Kong Police Force. Also, only trained staff is allowed to enter our storage facilities. Public access is strictly prohibited.

Climate Control

In response to hot and humid weather in Hong Kong, we keep our storage facilities temperature at around 15-25 degrees Celsius and humidity at around 40-60%.

Professional Moving Team

Our in-house professional moving team picks up and delivers directly to and from our storage facilities.


Our storage facilities are insured against fire and flood.


We insure each of your box and/or item up to a maximum of HK$1,000 and mobile storage up to HK$10,000.

Pest Control

We do pest control on a regular basis, pests are kept very much away in our storage facilities.

Pay anywhere

We use PayPal to provide a safe and secure online payment method. Also, we accept cash on delivery, cheque, and bank transfer payment.

Value Added

We offer Absorgel pouches to protect your beloved items from moisture damage, mold, and fungus.


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