Innovative Storage Service / Paradigm Shift Operation / Create A New World Order In Mini-Storage

Nowadays, the choice in mini-storage depends on three factors. Price points certainly matter, but the safety and reliability of the storage system play equally important roles in addressing the consumer’s concern. Box-It prides itself on providing storage service that fulfills those needs. In fact, our mission is to offer the best storage service in Hong Kong. Not only do we support self-storage at a low price but also our storage facilities are among the first based on the new guidelines from FSD! Whether the items are sentimental objects, seasonal clothes, or business documents, our happy clients know : Box-It will keep their belongings safe.


New Guidelines from FSD


Our storage facilities are based on new guidelines from FSD like 1 meter ceiling space, the storage container should not exceed 2.35 meters in height, and corridor width should be 2.4 meters, etc.

24 Hours Surveillance


Our storage facilities are under 24 hours CCTV monitoring. Our alarm system is connected to an independent third party security agency.

Climate Control


In response to hot and humid weather, we keep our storage facilities temperature at around 15-25 degrees Celsius and humidity at around 40-60%.

Pest Control


We do pest control on a regular basis, pests are kept very much away in our storage facilities.



Our storage facilities are insured against fire and flood. We insure each of your storage container up to HK$10,000.

Property Protection


Only trained staff is allowed to enter our storage facilities. Public access is strictly prohibited to enter our warehouse to ensure your property is safe and sound.

Value Added


Simple and reliable! 24 hours access by using our smart card to enter our Access Area for storage. Our neat and comfort Access Area provides free Wi-Fi service too!